Why Should You Use a Mac?

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Have you caught yourself wondering "Mac or PC?" or why should I use a Mac? In this article, we'll list 10 reasons why should you use a Mac.

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The age-old debate of "Mac vs. PC" is something everyone has found themselves questioning. There are benefits to both options, but in this article, we thought we would focus on a few reasons to use a Mac computer over a PC.

  • User Experience

The operating system that's on a PC or a Mac is an essential part of your experience. Our interactions with computers can either be a peaceful and enjoyable experience that translates to not only the workplace, but also at home, or a miserable time where abandoning technology seems like a good idea. Mac OS is known to be clean, refined, stable, and easy to use - which definitely improves how your time is spent. 

Personally, I grew up using PCs, and never had the experience using a Mac - until I started my co-op placement. If I'm being honest the transition from PC to Mac was tough for me (even if I consider myself a tech-savvy millennial) because in some ways I had to re-teach myself how to use a computer, since the Mac world was totally new to me. Once I got the hang of it though, it was such a good experience and I enjoy using my Mac. I can see myself making the switch in the future.

  • There are too many PCs to choose from

To some people, this might be a selling feature. But, to an indecisive person, like myself, sometimes less is more and it's easy to find a device that will work for you without fussing and a ton of research. Apple offers 6 different computers that come in various specs and build-to-order options. These Macs include: MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook, Mac mini, iMac, and Mac Pro. From these options, you're able to find one that fits your budget, lifestyle, and requirements for a computer.

PCs don't come from 1 manufacturer - there are hundreds of PCs on the market. Since there are so many PCs on the market, there is no single vision like what Macs offer.

  • Have Great Screens

Now you might laugh at this reason, but for many people this is a huge plus. The idea of a Retina screen ("Isn't that just a HD display?" you ask). But, the range of Retina MacBooks and iMacs have screens that feature anti-reflective coatings and no air gap. Macs also have consistent performance for high DPI display.

  • Seamless Integration with iOS through Hand-Off

With the introduction of new OS's, Apple has been able to improve ties between Mac and iOS devices. With the Hand-Off feature, you're able to start an email, note or even a document on an iPhone or iPad and can continue on your Mac without having to sync or save anything to the cloud. This feature also applies for web searches, reminders, map searches, and calendar adjustments. This integration feature is a huge selling point since it means devices all work together to help you do tasks without any annoyance.

  • Security

Ah yes, we have finally made it to the point that many Mac users seems to flaunt. Many Mac users divulge that their systems have invulnerability compared to those with PCs. There’s some truth to this statement though. Macs are continually shown to have less attacks than PCs with Windows. Things are changing though, with cyber-attacks rising and hackers becoming more sophisticated in their approaches. 

  • They Come with Software Included

When you take a Mac out of its box, you'll find an array of useful apps. These include: Photos, iMovie, Garage band, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, FaceTime, iTunes, Maps, and even more that are already installed. These apps are what most people will only need, which will help you start getting work done right away.

If you would really like to use Windows on your Mac, you still can. It's possible to install Windows on a Mac alongside an OS.

  • Apple Optimizes the Components

Each component in a Mac is optimized for performance and to ensure it requires less power. Apple can issue updates for firmware that improve the way certain components work in your Mac, and why a new update for the operating system that can result in an old Mac achieving a better battery life.

The bad news though is that because of the way these components are built into Macs, they're not easy, or in many cases, possible to upgrade later down the road. To decrease this and optimize the way the system works, Apple has compromised the ability to upgrade a Mac at a later date.

Wondering about drivers? On a Mac, you can plug in a camera, printer or install software and it works.

  • Brand Quality

There's no denying that Macs are expensive, which can be the main reason to choose a PC instead. But, if you want a computer that's built to the highest standards, top-grade components, elegant styling, and attention to detail, then a Mac might be the device for you.

  • Customer Support

If things go wrong, then you can rest easy knowing that Apple offers various support and service options. Apple has consistently ranked as one of the best for customer support. Most Apple products come with a 90-day complimentary phone support and a 1-year limited warranty.

There are various support services offered by Apple which include: telephone support, support using online tools, and support at Apple Retail Stores where an appointment can be booked. In addition, there's also a number of Apple Authorized Service Providers who can help.

  • User Satisfaction

At the end of the day, a Mac is an electronic product, and to the paying customer it needs to justify the pricey sum. Mac has spent many years at the top of customer satisfaction surveys, which is not easy since Macs are expensive items that promise a lot to buyers. Most people who purchase a Mac have few, if any, regrets.


So here is our list of 10 reasons why we think you could benefit from having a Mac. You may still disagree and have different opinions, which would make sense because overall a great computer is just a great computer, no matter what the brand is.


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