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What is Cyber Governance?

November 23th, 2022
What is cyber governance? Well, it is a very important part of managing risk and security in businesses large and small. As a responsibility of boards and executive leaders to enforce, cybersecurity...

Learn More About Disaster Recovery IT Services

November 17th, 2022
Your business can respond to a crisis and take measures to stop damage and quickly resume operations with the use of an IT disaster recovery IT services plan. Do you have one in place? Disaster...

Breaches at Ikea Canada and Two American Healthcare Providers

May 10th, 2022
  IKEA CANADA is c ontinuing to notify 95,000 Canadians that an employee made unapproved searches of its customer database in March 2022. It isn’t clear how the company realized there had been a...

How To Choose Good Security Questions

May 09th, 2022
  We have all been there. You are creating a new account and during the process you are asked to create security questions. With so many accounts out there most of us use the most simple and easy to...

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