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The Latest Wi-Fi Network Naming Trend

May 19th, 2022

The latest tech trend is Wi-Fi Network Naming!  Aside from having some fun, changing the name does have other benefits.

Is It Time To Upgrade Your Company's Network?

November 18th, 2021

Upgrading your company’s network isn’t likely to be cheap or straightforward. Your network affects every aspect of your business's ICT, and downtime or making the wrong decisions will impact everyone.

Network Devices Explained

June 12th, 2019

Networking devices have different roles in a computer network. They also work in different parts of a network performing separate jobs. Keep reading to learn more about network devices and what each...

Why Does My Business Need a Firewall?

March 06th, 2019

Like many small-to-medium sized businesses, you're probably wondering why your business should have a firewall. Aren't there other services that can be used instead? In this post we'll explore this...

You Aren't The Only One Facing Network and Data Security Problems

February 20th, 2019

Making sure your business is secure is probably one of the top things on your mind. For example, how to stay away from viruses, cyber attacks, and the day-to-day security of operations. Don't worry,...

The Role of Security Services in IT

October 31th, 2018

It's Halloween and what is spooky for your company's IT? Security can be a scary thing to make sure is always being handled and up-to-date.

What exactly are security services in the IT environment?...

How to get your networking fundamentals right?

April 04th, 2018

So much of workplace productivity today depends on the office network. If you’re in any doubt about that, try switching one-off and see how quickly the phone starts ringing. An understanding of the...

Taking advantage of entry-level workstations

November 21th, 2017

Most knowledge workers have access to commodity desktop and notebook computers that are used for everyday tasks like word processing and web-based email. Access to workstations, however, is typically...

End-of-life software: What are the dangers?

July 27th, 2017

End-of-life software’s: does it really affect your business? There are so many reasons why you think your business will be fine without updating the software you use - but, this is not the best...

What is Infrastructure Services?

June 07th, 2017

We have a new Whiteboard Explainer Video on our Infrastructure Services and how we can help larger businesses. Our team of specialists can assist companies with their Cisco Meraki networks and VMWare...


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