What To Do If Your Company Is Attacked By Ransomware

Posted December 05th, 2022 in Cybersecurity, Ransomeware Attack

Ransomware is a vicious attack with serious consequences for corporations and small business owners alike. Here are some steps on what to do if your company is attacked by ransomware.

Report It

Some of the most powerful corporations have been victims of a cyber attacks. The hackers behind these malicious viruses have an intelligent way of fooling even savvy business owners.  If your company is being held by ransomware, you should report it to the proper authorities immediately In the case of ransomware, the FBI wants to hear about it first. From the FBI’s website, the FBI wants you to “contact your local FBI field office and report the incident to the Bureau’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.”

Reporting your incidence of a ransomware attack helps those in power and other companies deal with this growing threat. Authorities may be able to spot a pattern or a means by which the hacker was able to commit the crime. Information about your case will be compounded with other reports to formulate possible causes, means, and solutions. Your reports may help solve a cyber crime.

Alert Your Service Provider

If your company has been the victim of a ransomware attack, the hackers had to at one point go through the door of your service provider. While it can’t be confirmed that the breach occurred at the service provider’s level, they do need to be alerted as to the breach.

Your service provider has the duty to take precautionary steps against cyber attacks. If their steps aren’t sufficient, and your company is being held hostage by ransomware, your service provider will want to know.

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Contain the Malware

When malicious code is detected by your local virus software, the system is quarantined to minimize the damage. When your company is being held for ransom make sure your IT company is on board right away so they can contain the malware. The total damage may not be done yet. Do not down computers until you consult with your IT company. They’ll be able to instruct you with instructions, as well as take action to contain the malware as much as possible. When the malware is safely contained, you may be able to get your business back up and running sooner rather than later.

Restore Backup Data

Every company should have backup data files that you can restore in case your company is held hostage by ransomware. Restoring the backup data should enable your business to continue operating while the ransomware situation is being handled. If you don’t have backup data, you can at least begin working with a cloud service provider like Reis Informatica, to implement a backup routine for the future.

Get All The Info

Ransomware and all malicious code are deadly threats that you don’t have to deal with alone. When this happens to you, get as much information as possible to keep yourself up to date.

Stay in touch with your local authorities, service provider, and FBI to make sure that you are fully informed, and to make sure your company follows the instructions. Never try to handle an incidence of ransomware attack by yourself.

Notify Customers and Investors

For safety and liability reasons, you must let investors and customers know as soon as possible if the company’s data has been attacked by ransomware. While it is your duty to do so, you also open yourself up to potential liability if you don’t disclose this relevant information. If your customers’ data is stolen and misused in any way, you and/or your business could be held liable for damages.

It can be upsetting to disclose to investors that the company data has been breached by ransomware. In a public company, stock prices may fall, at least temporarily. In the end, your company will look better and be able to rebound faster the sooner you let everyone know what happened. 

Ransomware is becoming more and more common.  Now that we covered what to do if your company is attacked by ransomware it is time to take the first steps!  For advice and assistance in ensuring that your business is as protected as possible against cyber threats like ransomware schedule your Complimentary Christmas Consultation today!



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