Tech Trends for Businesses in 2020

Posted January 15th, 2020 in trends

New year, new tech. Lots of new tech is predicted to come out this year. Keep reading to keep these things on your radar and fun tech trends!

2020 trends


This is the year of perfect vision (get the joke?). New tech makes everyone so excited - and seeing what is predicted to become popular helps you to have an idea of what your year could look like. 

Below are twenty-two trends that are trends for businesses and in your personal life in 2020.

  1. Robots taking on human jobs
  2. The Internet of Machines
  3. Flatter organizations
  4. 3D printing
  5. Nano-technology
  6. Mobile apps redefining service industries
  7. The fight for control of mobile payments systems
  8. Reinventing entertainment
  9. The fall and rise of social media
  10. Newspapers will slowly not exist
  11. Data rights becoming an issue
  12. Education revolution to be more online
  13. Re-skilling the workforce
  14. Taming the Big Data wave
  15. Businesses will be grabbing for 5G technology
  16. Artificial Intelligence will be everywhere in 2020
  17. Security will need to be top of mind - there will be wider, deeper, stranger threats
  18. The Multi-cloud evolution will continue through 2020
  19. The battle for balance between smartphones and our relationships with them
  20. Sustainable practices 
  21. LEO satellites
  22. Shifting global superpowers

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