Set an Alarm Ringtone Using The YouTube Music App or Spotify

Posted August 29th, 2022 in Spotify, YouTube, TechTips, Alarm

It's always a struggle to get out of bed in the morning for work but what if we told you, that your favourite tune could wake you up?  It may be a bit more motivating to get up for that early morning workout before a long day of meetings. You may set any music you want to hear as your alarm tone using well-known apps like Spotify and YouTube Music. This is a fantastic feature because most phones come with a selection of dull ringtones that you are compelled to use because you have no other choice.

If you are a Spotify or YouTube Music user, then you will be able to select songs from these apps. The process for both apps is simple!  Keep in mind that you won’t be able to do this using your phone’s default clock app and you will be required to download a third-party app. 

How to set alarm ringtone using YouTube Music or Spotify app

- Download Google’s Clock app on your smartphone.

- Tap on Alarm and then on the Plus (+) button that is located on the bottom side of the screen. Set the time according to your schedule.

-Tap again on Default (Spring) and the app will show you two apps, including YouTube Music and Spotify. You can choose your favourite. Both the apps are built into the Clock app, so you don’t need to visit the apps separately to select a song.

-Spotify users will see a list of songs when they choose this app. If you find it hard to search for your favourite song, then you can also tap on the search icon, situated at the bottom right of the screen. Just type and search for the song and you can select it. Then go back to the main Alarm screen and you will see that the song has been selected as your alarm ringtone.

The process of selecting a song on YouTube Music is similar to how you do for Spotify. You are all set now. If you are not sure whether your song will be played or not, then you can also test it by setting a different time.  Check out the video below for step-by-step instructions!  



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