Ontario Cannabis Store Unable To Make Deliveries After Partner Faces Cyberattack

Posted August 09th, 2022 in Cyber Attack, Cannabis Stores
The Ontario Cannabis Store is unable to process or deliver orders to its customers due to a cyberattack suffered by one of its logistics partners.

The stores have been left with no other choice but to make do with the stock they have on hand.  There is no indication that The Ontario Cannabis Store's systems were targeted or its customers’ information was compromised during the Aug. 5 attack on the parent company of its third-party distribution centre, Domain Logistics.

Sean Kady says his Cosmic Charlies pot shop in Toronto has a good supply of product right now, but has heard of rivals that are “pulling out their hair” because their stockpile is dwindling.

There is currently no timeline for how soon it could be making deliveries to customers who shop for pot on its website or the roughly 1,333 licensed cannabis stores, which must buy the products they sell from the government-backed Ontario Cannabis Store.

An OCS letter to retailers obtained by The Canadian Press said the launch of any new products scheduled for this week will now be “delayed until further notice.”

“As a goodwill gesture,” the OCS will also waive all retailer delivery fees until Sept. 30 and a $500 processing fee for one emergency order per store between Sept. 1 and March 31, 2023.

The incident follows an announcement on May 11 that the Ontario Provincial Police were investigating the “misappropriation” of confidential store sales data.

That breach “was no failure of IT security or systems,” the OCS said, after it quickly launched an investigation to identify the source, restricted access to internal data reports and notified the police.







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