Really, what is the IoT?

Posted January 10th, 2018 in Cloud, new technology, IoT

Conversations about the IoT have been taking place all over the world for several years. People want to know what impact IoT will have on their lives. We also want to understand what are the opportunities and challenges the IoT is bringing while more and more devices are joining the Internet of Things. For now, the best thing that we can do is to educate ourselves about the IoT and the impacts it has on our work and live.


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The IoT is a giant network of connected to the internet “things” other than typical fare such as computers and smartphones. Cars, kitchen appliances, and even heart monitors can all be connected through the IoT. And as the Internet of Things grows in the next few years, more devices will join that list. It is a giant network of connected "things" which also includes people. The relationship will be between people-people, people-things, and things-things.

IoT Platforms

One IoT device connects to another to transmit information using Internet transfer protocols. IoT platforms serve as the bridge between the devices' sensors and the data networks.

The following are some of the top IoT platforms on the market today:

IoT Predictions, Trends, and Market

Business Insider's premium research service expects there will be more than 24 billion IoT devices on Earth by 2020. That's approximately four devices for every human being on the planet. And as we approach that point, $6 billion will flow into IoT solutions, including application development, device hardware, system integration, data storage, security, and connectivity. But that will be money well spent, as those investments will generate $13 trillion by 2025.


Who will reap these benefits? There are three major entities that will use IoT ecosystems: consumers, governments, and businesses. Here are the industries that will mainly benefit from the IoT:









Oil, gas, and mining


Connected Home

Food Services




Smart Buildings


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