June is National Men's Health Month!

Posted June 01th, 2022 in Cybersecurity, Mens Health, Cyber Fitness

June is National Men’s Health Month.  It's a great time to start improving your personal cyber health and well-being more than ever.  IoT (Internet of Things) devices connect us to every part of our daily routines. The same is true for the equipment we use to get in shape.  I know you have used that peloton more than once during the lockdowns and tracked your steps with a fitness tracker.  mens health online

A recent study revealed that 18 percent of men use a smartwatch or a fitness tracker. There are all kinds of data that can be tracked through these devices. It's a great way to keep you on track and help you with your goals but you need to be careful with the digital devices.  Here are a few easy tips for staying safe online before starting your workout:

  • Create a guest network for your critical devices
  • Update the software on a regular basis and make sure it is password protected
  • Research the security of any devices before making your purchase
  • Disable any unnecessary features, keeping those that maximize your workout while taking away anything that poses a risk

IoT devices have made in-home exercise routines possible, given their increase in availability and ease of use. However, despite their capabilities for optimizing the fitness experience, the nature of these devices has made them one of many threats to personal privacy and online safety. For an elevated fitness experience beyond a great workout, start securing your IoT devices to integrate them into your everyday exercise routine safely.  

Have fun with it now that you've got a wonderful excuse to get out there and feel better about your health and online fitness.

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